Maybe you know everything there is to know about direct mail, continuous forms, roll-to-roll, fanfold, roll-to-sheet, letterhead and self mailers. Maybe you don’t. Either way, we stand ready to offer our expertise and guidance as you make decisions about your printing needs. We also offer:

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CMYK — A brief explanation

You’ve probably heard of the acronym CMYK, but do you know what it stands for or how it works? CMYK is the printing process — also called process color or four color — that is the standard for printing full-color newspapers magazines and virtually all other commercially printed material. The acronym stands for the four [...]

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Ebay Dumps Same-Day Delivery

Ebay Now becomes eBay Then, as the online marketplace decides immediate delivery does not work in its business plan.

Mailed in Manhattan

Steve Wojtaszek, or Mr. Wojo as he's known to the thousands of postal employees whose actions he directs on a daily basis, is senior plant manager of the Morgan P&DC in Manhattan.